Monday, 3 December 2012

sneaker wedge

The subject of the Sneaker Wedge is a somewhat controversial one: some people hate them, some love them, some sit on the fence like myself. I have always appreciated this trend but never thought I had the attitude to pull it off. After falling in love with the Isabel Marant Betty Sneakers I knew I had to find myself a pair at a wallet friendly price! The Iconic had just the right pair, with free shipping and returns to New Zealand, perfect for me. Siren's Hedwig sneakers are very Marant-esque with a darker sole and in a taupe suede. I'm sure they will get me through most seasons and will be very versatile on those days when I don't feel like wearing ballet flats or boots. These babies also come in black and mint and are available at the Iconic, StyleTread and Siren's official website. Will post an update when they arrive!

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